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Official Opening of Firs Farm Wetlands

Ian Russell,  Cllr Daniel Anderson, Mayor of London Deputy Matthew Pencharz & Toni Guiver 


“Thank you to all who attended today despite the rain.
I think it is fair to say that we have reached a milestone. Around 2/3 years ago the development of Firs Farm Wetlands was nothing more than a pipedream. The support and generous contributions from Thames Water, the Environment Agency and The Mayor of London’s Big Green Fund, have enabled Enfield council to turn that dream into a reality and we can’t thank them  enough on behalf of all the community.

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Thanks also went to LBE Ian Russell and Martin Jones for listening and taking on board the wishes from the Friends and wider community in the project development. Thanks also to Thames 21 for the training without which the Friends would not be able to undertake organising events in Firs Farm to support the ongoing maintenance and development of the wetlands going forward.

Last but not least of course Thanks to Thames Water for understanding what it meant for this community to have an outdoor educational space and they have stumped up the funds to provide this. We shall see this and many more supporting features around the wetlands being put in place over the next few months. So keep van eye out for these.

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This would not have been possible also without the help and support of the many corporate and community volunteers.

The Wetlands is testament of what can be achieved when the council, corporates, charities and the community work together to make a difference.

The biggest Sustainable Urban Drainage System (SUDS) in the UK. In addition to protecting homes in Enfield it provides habitat for both new and existing wildlife.

Its hard now to believe that this once was just a flat piece of green space with a buried stream sits in all its glory a beautiful wetlands.

FoFF-Opening09031636 FoFF-Opening09031634 FoFF-Opening09031640FoFF-Opening0903167

Already the wetlands are proving to be a success to both the community and wildlife This is evident from the arrival of so much new wildlife. Families regularly stroll up and down the newly laid path, school visits and community groups are being organised and joggers and dog walkers are regular visitors to the wetlands

However, this is just the beginning. There is so much more that can be done to ensure that that the wetlands evolves and becomes an integral part of this community. I am certain that, with the continued help and support of our strategic partners and Enfield Council, we will succeed

I look forward to the next 2 years and to Firs Farms ongoing transformation to being a place for ALL in the community.

An enormous Thank you to all  in the Friends Group who actively support and promote the Friends particular to

Alison, Ana, Andreea, Annette, Carl, Cristina, David, Derek, Gail, Jo A, Jo H, Keith, Nikesh, Olga, Paul, Roy and Serge


Thank you All again”

Toni Guiver

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