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About Us

Friends of Firs Farm is a group of friendly volunteers with a common goal of improving Firs Farm.

Founded in August 2013 by Toni Guiver with the support of Gail Nielen and Geraldine Cosh. We set about talking to friends and neighbours to identify what we were looking for from our underused  local green space, Firs Farm.

We quickly found a number of interested local residents and began the process of how we would bring in more members and formalise the group.  So began the process in which we hand posted more than 1200 letters to local residents, registered members, worked with the council to engage with the local residents as part of their flood relief scheme and our improvements project, elected our first committee of officers, wrote our constitution, signed an agreement with the local authority  as a recognised formal Friends group in 2014.

Our first public consultation with local residents and Enfield council was held in Firs Farm 1st October 2014

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Since then we have continued to listen to park users existing and new, reviewing against the Friends plans and objectives.

We work tirelessly to ensure that Firs Farm is a space for all in the community not just the few.

Community volunteers working together to help shape how our park works, is maintained, & protected.

1 Protect & Maintain Firs Farm         2 Enhance Biodiversity    3 Improve Access & Facilities

4 Fundraising to support the aims   5 Education                        6  Communication

(Work with- Schools, community groups, residents, businesses and the Council)

Our key objectives

Preserve and improve Firs Farm for the benefit of present and future generations

Work in partnership with London Borough of Enfield

Improve the Park to meet the needs of users

Determine the future development of the Park

Consider the Park’s impact on its local and environment and vice versa

From Underused  space 2014                                     To …… 2017 130                    FFPond 2017

Firs Farm Wetlands


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