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2017 Public Meeting & Minutes

January 17-01-19 GMMinutes April 17-04-20-FoFFAGM2017Minutes-FINAL 17-04-20-FoFF-AGM2017-Report FoFF Treasurer Report – 31 March 2017             2017 Treasurer Report Commentary FoFF Constitution 2017                                         FriendscouncilPartnershipAgreement2016-2017 July  17-07-13-GMMinutes-FINAL October 17-10-12 GMMinutes Newsletter October 2017

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2016 Public Meeting & Minutes

Click on the links below  to view /download the minutes January  2016        16-01-21-FoFFGM Minutes April      2016          16-04-14-FoFFAGM Minutes June 2016     Meeting was postponed until October as Festival  planning meeting took place in its place – no minutes taken just the plan of the programme which was published. October  2016        16-10-20 GMMinutesV2  

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2015 Public Meetings & Minutes

January 2015  Public Meeting Minutes    01-Jan15-22-GMMinutes  April 2015      Public Meeting & AGM 15-04-23-GMMinutes 15-04-23-FoFF-AGM2015-FINAL  15-04-23-FoFF Treasurer Report – 31 March 2015 July 2015         Public Meeting  15-07-16-GMMinutes3 October 2015  Public Meeting Minutes   October-2015-public-mins.pdf

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2014 Public Meetings & Minutes

October 2014 1st Oct. First Public Consultation Meeting in Firs Farm     LBE087-001 RevD – Consultation 011014 PHASE 1 9th Oct  First General Meeting          LBE087-001 RevD – Consultation 011014 PHASE 1 November 2014 From This                                   To This                   

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General meeting – 11th November 2014

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Initial Consultation – 1st October 2014

Friend’s intro.   Who are we Friends Groups represent the community’s interest in their local park or open space. You can get involved in how our park is managed and maintained, hold events, raise funds, develop small projects and work with the Council in various ways for the benefit of Firs Farm Park. Facebook, Website – soon […]

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