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Inclusive Community Café For Firs Farm?

Help us to build Firs Farm “Inclusive Community Café”

Flyer-Cafe-Tea and CakeAnyone-Aug 2017.Flyer-MainPoster Aug 2017

Please hear what Gail has to say here    PLEDGEHERE

Firs Farm is now a beautiful space which boasts an array of wildlife, is accessible with its wonderful new paths and is loved and widely used by the community for numerous activities not just football: walking, cycling, jogging, running, health& wellbeing, education, recreation, and wildlife.

To see some of the changes please click here.

The Friends long-term aim is to transform the old sports changing rooms and surrounding compound into a vibrant community space bringing together sports, business, education, nature, volunteering, and recreation.

BUT in the short term, we want to raise funds to provide a temporary building that will provide:

Our vision for the future is to bring together the community in a safe, welcoming hub that embraces diversity.

  • A welcome, inclusive, inviting environment for us to come together
  • Providing varied and exciting volunteering opportunities.
  • Classes, events and workshop opportunities.
  • Fund raising events for sustainability of Firs Farm
  • Encourage the community to participate in activities.
  • “A Place For Us” – To bring the Firs Farm community together

It is vitally important that we provide spaces where people can get together and feel a part of their community. Firs farm Café will do just that.



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