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Water Quality in Firs Farm

Water Quality in Firs Farm – August 2017Extracted fromWINNER-over15 Mark Nolan

Water quality testing has taken  place in Firs Farm wetlands for a period of  6 months in 2017/2018 

The system is  in place, the data captured is available for  the public information at  the following link CLICK HERE Further  information will be available on this website and  on Thames 21 website in due course.

Friday 23rd March 2018 sees the first smart boat in Firs Far m wetlands  – for more details on these follow this link: CLICK HERE

Data also  available below:-




110DEC13 209DEC13 428DEC13

The first loggers were placed in  Firs Farm wetlands November 2017 (view pictures here) and the data retrieved in December see the readings captured in the above files. thereafter monthly change over until April 2018.


Many of our rivers a heavily polluted and end up on the Thames – if you would like to help in monitoring please get in touch . Find out more

IMG_1814 IMG_1217 IMG_1223 Scouts_123

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