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A Guide to Urban Wetlands -ZSL Launch

In the guide you will see many familiar photos of our much loved Firs Farm wetlands where ZSL visited to launch this with Thames21 Enfield Council and Friends of Firs Farm

2021_Urban Wetlands_FINAL[125594]

An interesting read.

The Friends of Firs Farm use this guide as reference for the maintenance works carried out by the volunteers. see the following extract from this booklet :

• Aim to remove 25% of wetland plants annually,
ideally in 1m strips perpendicular to flow direction
with 3m in between each row
• Cut plants down to water level in September/
October (before die-back), this can be undertaken
by volunteers with appropriate training, tools
and support
• Remove all plant material (within 1m) at the inlets/
outlets so flow is not impeded
• Remove invasive plants such as Bulrushes
Dead reeds form a mulch that helps stabilise
sediment so when carrying out any plant maintenance
care is needed to minimise disturbance of the
sediments. Disturbance can cause resuspension
and remobilisation of pollutants.

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