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Summer Activities

Some activities for you to enjoy over the Summer in Firs Farm

These are all in pdf version to make it easy to download and print off – click on the bold text for each leaflet.

  1.  Sky watching

The sky is amazing and always changing.  

How to sky watch

  • Find a spot in the middle of the picnic field.
  • If you don’t like lying on the grass take a blanket big enough for you all to lie down.
  • Lie with your heads in the centre so you will all see the same thing
  • Watch the sky. Look out for clouds, birds, bees, even planes and helicopters

2. What’s That Tree

Trees have never been more important. They are the biggest plants on the planet.

Trees give us oxygen and store carbon. The more trees we have, the cleaner the air will be and we will be healthier and happier.

3. Leaf gallery

Draw your favourite leaves in the frame. Use our What’s that Tree leaflet to help you identify your leaves

4. Insect gallery

                               Download the individual leaflets to find out more.




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