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Preserving and improving Firs Farm for the benefit of present and future generations


AGM 24th June 2021

AGM 2021

The Annual General Meeting of the Friends of Firs Farm will take place on Thursday 24th June 7.30pm in The Orange Tree Public House Highfield Road  N21

Please send your committee / Trustee nominations in by the 20th June email to  

This is an important meeting and your opportunity to get involved and help make a difference.

LVE YOUR GREEN SPACE?  Come along to show that you do, it is after all, YOUR Firs Farm!

Proposed Agenda

    1. Welcome & Introductions
    2. Agree previous Minutes
    3. AGM Report
    4. Treasurer’s Report  and accounts
    5. Appointment of Trustees*
    6. Appointment of Committee Members**  FoFF-New Members- Volunteers – Welcome Pack
    7. Any Other Business including promotion of upcoming / future events e.g. National children’s day 2022

    In accordance with the Friends of Firs Farm constitution, the present Committee & Trustee Members vacate Office at the Annual General Meeting but all are eligible for re-election.

    Trustees: Recruitment / Nominations (Maximum 12)   

    Office Current Nomination Proposer / Seconder
    1 Secretary Gail Nielen
    2 Chair Toni Guiver
    3 Treasurer Simon Jarosch
    4 Trustee Soulla Thomas
    5 Trustee Lisa Chapman
    6 Planning Chris Ferrary
    7 Public Relations Helen Osman
    8 Trustee Geraldine Cosh
    9 Fundraising Vacant
    10 Membership Secretary Vacant
    11 Events Vacant
    12 Legal Vacant

    Nb, Trustees will be verified through the Friends application recruitment process.

    Committee: Current  Nomination Proposer / Seconder
     1 Committee
     2 Committee Jo Attree
     3 Committee John Prior
     4 Eco club Nikesh Tailor Toni Guiver
     5 Events
     6 Fundraiser
     7 H&S
     8 History
     9 Secretary Claire Knight
     10 Social Media
     11 Webmaster
     12 Youth/Environ Louise Dennis

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