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If you,Love Your Green Space Then join us.

If you’d like to join the Friends of Firs Farm and be part of the community interested in looking after this wonderful award winning wetlands park and playing fields space please read on…..  (You can download the Friends Welcome pack- Click  HERE)

Need more information? Read on….

Thank you for your interest in becoming a “Friend” of Firs Farm.

The Friends of Firs Farm (est. 2014) have together in collaboration with the Council, Thames Water and Thames 21 achieved many changes in Firs Farm since 2014.

Where once stood an empty, unloved, muddy field, apart from the odd dog walker or two, now sits a fantastic, sustainable wetlands system, complete with an outdoor classroom, windows to the wetlands and a watercourse. Complimented by a pond with pond dipping platform and an array of wonderful wildlife that have chosen to reside in the new wonderful Firs Farm green space.

With accessible paths that span the length and breadth of Firs Farm offering benches for somewhere to sit and contemplate the fabulous views, Firs Farm has come a long way from what was once a lonely muddy field and football pitches.  Its the ‘Go To’ place that ‘Brings our Community Together’ and has retained its football pitches.

Your help is very much needed and with your encouragement, we can surely continue to make this space along Firs Lane really count and make a difference to the health, education, wildlife and recreation for both adults and children in our community.

Membership to the Friends of Firs Farm is currently FREE.

Your first decision is to decide what type of Friends membership you want and how involved you would like to be in helping to shape Firs Farm for the future. Please consider the options below before completing the membership form and returning it to the Friends to register.

Option 1 Just want to keep in touch? If you only wish to stay in touch to see what is happening in Firs Farm, you can do so via our website or social media platforms (Details below). Notices of activities are published on our website, in the park and we hold 4 public meetings a year which we would encourage you to come along to so that you can meet other like- minded, interested local people helping to transform our green space.

Option 2    ‘Friend of Firs Farm’ membership.

Friends of Firs Farm is a registered charity (No.1177069) that work to conserve and improve Firs Farm for the benefit of the public, bringing the community together. Funding and volunteers are our biggest challenges that we work hard to overcome to achieve our objectives for Firs Farm, keeping membership FREE to ensure that it is accessible to all.

We will keep you updated on the ongoing transformation and events in Firs Farm.

Much of our work is possible because of the generosity of our supporters. If you are in a position to help us ensure that Firs Farm continues to be looked after for everyone to enjoy, then your donation will always be welcome and can be made online to: HSBC Bank – Friends of Firs Farm – 402023 – 32100746.

Together we can do more.  Join us today and help us to care for the Firs Farm Green Space that you love.

Option 3   Committee / Trustee Member  Only a  ‘Friend of Firs Farm’ can apply for any of these vacant posts

Option 4  Volunteer Member If you prefer to roll your sleeves up, there are many physical and non-physical tasks that you can take part in get in touch if you want to know more about these. There are plenty of examples of what you can expect to get involved in on our website and we would be very grateful for any help or suggestions to continue to develop and protect our Firs Farm. We are busy throughout the year for example;

  • Creating and maintaining woodland paths,
  • Fighting the fight against litter and plastic (Not so fantastic but important that we try to reduce / eradicate this)
  • Planting and caring for trees, shrubs & bulbs,
  • Creating wildlife habitats for example: stumperies, hibernacula’s, bug hotels, boxes for birds / bats / moths and something for the butterflies, bees and other insects – and so much more.
  • Looking after our wetlands and watercourse.
  • Fun days with local community group volunteers clearing and caring for our green space.
  • Fundraising events e.g. quiz evening, community festival.
  • Organising events.  Bringing the community together in Firs Farm e.g. Festival, community fun days, National Children’s Day, woodland walks, trails, walks and tours.

Please find an information pack for our new volunteers / member  to download here >  FoFF-New Members-VolunteersPack-2018

 If you, L♥VE YOUR GREEN SPACE?  Come along and join the Friends.

We look forward to you joining us!

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