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Biodiversity in Firs farm

We are keen to capture the results of the  improvements in Firs Farm.


Just a few of the species that have been spotted in Firs Farm already this year to March

Mute swan, Sparrow hawk, Little Egret, Grebe,  common toad, tadpoles, frogspawn but the bucket loads, green woodpecker, great spotted woodpecker,

Update from Cal Gee:August 2018 who spotted the following species

Dragons and damsels:

Emerald Dragonfly           Black tailed skimmer            Common darter     Common blue damselfly
Blue tailed damselfly

Large white                 Common blue             Holly blue           Speckled wood     Meadow brown     Gatekeeper

Common  Birds:
Carrion crow                   House sparrow       Swift                     Goldfinch             Blackbird                        Wren        Robin                              Dunnock                Chaffinch              Starling                Wood pigeon                 Collared dove      Ring necked parakeet     Coot                       Moorhen               Mallard               Tufted duck                     Sparrowhawk
Black headed gull           Lesser black backed gull

Flowers – just a few…
Cornflower                        Poppy                     Corn marigold     Ribwort plantain    Fat hen    Common knapweed        Purple loosestrife           Common water plantain     Phragmites australis – common reed                                                Typha latifolia – reedmace or bulrush              Watermint             Dock                 Flowering rush

the following four photos were kindly taken by Chris Hollins of Firldfare2   Lapwing    Grey Wagtail  and a Wet female house sparrow


What difference have the wetlands and new habitats made to wildlife and plant life in Firs Farm?

We are recording evidence of the wildlife we now spot in Firs Farm by pictures, so please send yours to the Friends if you notice something new in Firs farm that has not yet been captured.

Damselfly-Common Blue
Spotted in firs Farm Pond June 2017



April 2016- Egyptian Goose spotted in Firs Farm. 



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