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Category Archives: Wildlife

Water Quality in Firs Farm

Water Quality in Firs Farm – August 2017 Water quality testing has taken  place in Firs Farm wetlands for a period of  6 months in 2017/2018  The system is  in place, the data captured is available for  the public information at  the following link CLICK HERE Further  information will be available on this website and  on Thames 21 website in due […]

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School / Community Groups Wetlands Tour with the Friends

Why not try this yourself  – click on the link below the picture Schools-WetlandsTour2017

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First Wetlands Clean up in Firs Farm

Saturday 4th March 2017 The sun came out to greet the team of 17 volunteers who came together to clean up the wetlands and watercourse in Firs Farm today. A short video of volunteering fun… Click here   What a difference this made to both wildlife and to the community who love to now use […]

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Is it the first in an Enfield Green Space? A stumpery (A revival from Victorian times)  is similar to a log pile, but is a permanent feature, consisting of upright/horizontal stumps/ logs, partially buried in the soil, on which moss, lichen and fungi will grow.  Dead wood makes a wonderful wildlife habitat, providing food and shelter for […]

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AMKJV Volunteering day in Firs Farm with the Friends

If you would like to Volunteer in Firs Farm get in touch with the Friends today 07956 537 974 The sun shone the day AMK volunteers came to Firs Farm to help make a difference to our little green space. We are trying to make this a special space for all in the community to […]

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Ducklings !

Our first ducklings in Firs Farm wetlands.    

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