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Daffodil Planting – Thank You Everyone

Daffodil Bulb Planting Saturday 15th November 2014
Scheduled time 10.00 am to 12 noon

We met at the Northern Gate (opposite 249 Firs Lane) where Toni was already engaged with Olga, Keith, and Joanne and her family. Everyone seemed fully equipped with gloves, forks, trowels and wellies. Toni issued the Hi-Viz jackets whilst Tony Askew started dishing out the mixed daffodil bulbs into carriers for ease of transportation. There were additional garden spades and forks standing by which Toni had loaned.
Joined shortly by Julia, Gail, Roy, Nikesh, Lee, Evan, Jo, Geraldine, Kate, Mike, Derek, Christina and Carl, the group were given the customary Health and Safety information as everyone signed in. The Risk Assessment had already been undertaken by Toni and was present for viewing if necessary.

We put up our ‘map’ trestle for passers-by to see what we were doing, comment, and join us if willing.
There were two sacks of bulbs supplied. The contents of one were soon planted near the trees and Firs Lane perimeter fence. The volunteers soon started on the second bag which was left about half empty by our finishing time of 12.15 pm. Some volunteers were thinking of planting the remainder on Sunday, weather permitting.
With all tools returned we concluded the job at 12.20 pm.
Thanks to all who helped in getting this exercise under way. Special gratitude to Toni who was suffering from ‘flu at the time.

TGA, November 2014

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