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S.U.D.S Wetlands & Consultation Documents

LBE-8. Firs Farm Wetlands - visualisation-png

Please find below  documents available at meetings with the Friends as part of the ongoing consultation for the transformation of Firs Farm .

What next for Firs Farm? – A community Hub

Firs Farm Presentation 2020 – General

Firs Farm Community Hub Presentation February 2019- sensory space

Firs Farm Interpretaion Proposal-with feedback

Firs Farm – wetland sculptures  FoFF-SculpturesSuggestions-2014

Wetlands Qns for council

Firs Farm Interpretaion Proposal-with feedback

LBE-FFPF Works Information Notice 260814

FoFF SG Minutes 11June2015 PLUS Firs Farm Wetlands Consultaton doc. - - Gmail 2015-06-23 20-44-48    Firs Farm Consultation -Wetlands Questions

LBE-FFPF Works Information Notice 260814 LBE-FFPF Information Letter 130814 6-LBE-8. Firs Farm Wetlands - visualisation-png 6-LBE-8. Firs Farm Wetlands – visualisation 5-LBE087-101 Firs Farm Wetlands - draft-IMAGE 5-LBE087-101 Firs Farm Wetlands – draft 4-LBE087-112 RevA 4-LBE087-112 RevA 4-LBE087-111 RevA 4-LBE087-111 RevA 3-LBE087-101 RevA-commentsFoFF091014 3-LBE087-101 RevA-commentsFoFF091014 3-LBE087-101 RevA 2-LBE087-002 RevD 2-LBE087-002 RevD 2-LBE087-001 RevD - Consultation 011014 PHASE 1 2-LBE087-001 RevD – Consultation 011014 PHASE 1 1-LBE-Phase1Info Poster 1-LBE-Phase1Info Poster


Enfield space needs to be protected and ring fenced. With the advent of the flood relief work across the Borough, at Firs farm (open space between A10 and Firs Lane) , volunteers have set up a friends group that has ensured that consultations and community needs have been included in a any development work. In Jan 2015, we have applied, in conjunction with Enfield Council, for extra ‘green’ funding and this will be in competition with 9 other projects across London. We need the public in Winchmore Hill, Enfield, Palmers Green and Edmonton to vote for us to grasp this funding which will then help us develop the area. The vision is a landscaped area which attracts new wildlife and plants, new cycle pathways to help the school children get to school safer and the wooded area which will include nature trails. It is important to note that this will not affect the sports playing fields. In essence, this Enfield project needs as many votes as possible to ensure its success.

 Enfield, Winchmore Hill, Palmers Green and Edmonton are popular residential areas and many value and appreciate the green spaces that exist to walk their dogs, play football, take their children for a walk or just get some fresh air.

As many of you know, green spaces need protecting and nourishing in this day and age. With the recent flood relief work being progressed in the Firs farm area , this led to a group of volunteers setting up a friends group. This group has worked with the council and other third parties to ensure that what has been developed will suit the users of this green space e.g. families, schools and sports clubs. Chair of the group, Toni Guiver explains, ‘This was a golden opportunity to help transform a dull green space into an exciting wetlands area. Our aim is that more people will use the green space and will enjoy watching wildlife, cycling or spending time with their families walking around it. I have never known so many people keen to help us and also commit to promoting for us so that we can get this extra funding. It is very exciting.’

In order to develop the area further and create a wetlands to be proud of, the friends group and the council have bid for extra funding e.g a percentage of £2m is on offer. This is in competition with nine other projects across London for this money so we need to gather enthusiasm and support from the community.



















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