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Welcome to Firs Farm

If you would like to visit Firs Farm and take advantage of the opportunity to use the Friend Pond Dipping equipment please contact them at

Firs Farm has a large sustainable pond with  pond dipping platform an outdoor classroom and wetlands windows

. IMG_3219

3 x large wetlands cells and a watercourse stretching some 600 metres to the A10 from Firs Lane and through the woodland for approximately 100 metres.

There are several bridges and an all weather path that leads around the wetlands  – See a copy of the map below.

The equipment consists of :-

Nets, trays, Bowls, Identifier sheets, Single worksheets,

The pack also contains an interpretation tour and map of Firs Farm.

Use of the equipment is free all we ask is that you register with the Friends to book out the equipment and provide feedback and a photograph of your visit.  This helps us to make improvements for the future.

march 2017 update




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