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Every Tree Counts: The Big Climate Fightback

Looking to take action on climate change in your community? Tree planting is a great way to get started, harnessing nature whilst getting connected to your community spaces!

Not just nice to look at. These wooden wonders literally eat carbon out of the air – and that’s why we love them!

We have been fortunate to have received free trees from the following groups:

1 The Woodland Trust is calling on one million people to pledge to plant a tree to help us fight the climate emergency. Groundwork is supporting communities, and especially young people, around the UK to create greener and resilient places to live.This year, on the 7th December we’re hosting a Groundwork Youth action day, planting 60 trees at Firs Farm Wetlands Park. Join Friends of Firs Farm to help to regenerate the planet and our treasured local green spaces.-

2  OVO Energy have sponsored ‘I Dig Trees’, and so far, groups just like ours have helped to plant an incredible 728,000 trees right across the UK. This planting season they are aiming to smash the 1 million treetarget, with a further 350,000 trees pledged!

Everybody is trying to make a difference – come along to Firs Farm on Saturday 7th December to help us to meet these targets by doing our bit for trees and the environment,  🙂

No previous tree planting experience is necessary. Please bring gloves if you are able to – we will have spares and we have all the tools you will need.Make sure you wrap up warm and wear appropriate footwear. The good news is that the ground is soft so easier to dig a small hole.

There is also an opportunity to ‘Adopt A Tree’ – just as we did back in 2015 / 2016 with around 45 trees, most of which have flourished and will continue to do so with ongoing care from their respective adopters.

Tools and refreshments (mince pies included) are provided to keep us going. for as long or as short a time as people can give – every bit will help towards climate change of course

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