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Firs Farm – Easter

What happened in Firs Farm in the last week…..

The new entrance in Firs Lane is coming along nicely now. The lettering is in place on the retainer wall and  large stone/boulders  with wildlife footprints are now in place on the path. This area will be planted sometime in April

stones IMG_1105 IMG_1104
Spotted 2 goldfish and a mandolin duck ….
IMG_1222   IMG_1218

Then there were the tadpoles… No not Paul  He was looking at the tadpoles but couldn’t take the camera with him in case it got wet… But we can assure you they are there swimming around enjoying their new habitat.. Take a look in the bucket.there are lots of frog spawn (eggs) in the ponds and the stream in Firs Farm. .
. IMG_1086    IMG_1084

Sadly another fox was found dead in one of the wetland pods and had to be removed in Saturday 2nd April. Not sure why we have lost so many recently. Well done to Enfield Council staff for turning up within 5 minutes to do the job. Someone has to do it… such a shame we are losing so many of our parks staff these days due to the council cuts.

IMG_1225 IMG_1223

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