Friends of Firs Farm
Charity Number 1177069

Preserving and improving Firs Farm for the benefit of present and future generations


Let the planting begin…

Volunteers are needed in Firs Farm Park to help with the first stage of the planting and other projects in Firs Farm. Together we will place more than 20,000 plug plants in and around the watercourse ready for the wetlands to start taking shape.

Do you like planting or doing a bit of gardening?

Do you want to help provide habitats and protection for wildlife?

Can you spare any time during the day on the 13th or 14th June 2015?

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If your answers are YES PLEASE come along and help the Friends of Firs Farm.

Unless otherwise stated*, all events start at 10am and the meeting place is just inside the entrance to Firs Farm opposite 253 Firs Lane/zebra crossing. Most of the tasks that we carry out are a bit messy so please “No Designer Labels” just your best gardening gear will do, including sturdy footwear and strong bramble-proof gloves.  It is always a good idea to bring along plenty to drink and some snacks to keep you going.

The Friends Look forward to seeing you on any or all of the following dates:-

Sat 9th May   Regular Clear up
Sat 16th May    Work in woodland area “The Spinney”
Sun 31st May   Work in woodland area “The Spinney”
Sat 6th Jun Regular Litter pick / Clear up
Fri 12th Jun  Firs Farm Wetlands Corporate team Planting Project   *Meet in Car Park – Firs Lane
Sat 13th Jun  Firs Farm Wetlands Community team Planting Project   *Meet in Car Park – Firs Lane
Sun 14th Jun Firs Farm Wetlands Planting & Work in woodland area “The Spinney”
Wed 24th Jun  Firs Farm Transformation project  – Work in woodland area “The Spinney”
Sat 4th July Regular Clear up

 You can be part of the transformation of Firs Farm Park & Wetlands!


Contact the Friends on 07956 537 974


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