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First Wetlands Clean up in Firs Farm

Saturday 4th March 2017

The sun came out to greet the team of 17 volunteers who came together to clean up the wetlands and watercourse in Firs Farm today.


A short video of volunteering fun… Click here


What a difference this made to both wildlife and to the community who love to now use this wonderful space.

You can also make a difference to your local spaces that you want to enjoy. Help keep them tidy If you see a piece of litter please pick it up and encourage others to do the same.  Just imagine, if we all did this how much cleaner would our streets and green spaces be? But then I can also hear you shout how much cleaner would they be if people didn’t throw their litter on the floor I the first place. The fact is that they do and it will take the rest of us to educate them that our way is better.

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For more pics of the day please visit here.

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