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Keep Firs Farm Tidy – 1st November 2014

Friends of Firs Farm Litter Picking 01/11/14


Saturday morning opened rainy but as the morning continued the weather brightened and the litter pick event looked promising.

At 12.45 pm Tony met up with Toni and Julia at 253. The ladies were already tidying up the Risk Assessment Document for LBE to examine if necessary. We trooped along to the Firs Farm car park and were met with Joanne and her son. Dave Booth joined us shortly so Julia gave us the ‘Safety Instruction’ talk in which we all participated. Then, donning our Hi-Viz jackets and gloves provided by the Council, and armed with litter picking grabbers we made our way over to the north western field where we split into two groups of three.

The essence of the job was to remove all litter available to hand, and lift it into the LBE refuse bags which we held open in spring loaded lightweight garden rubbish carriers. We only picked up to one metre into surrounding vegetation for reasons of health and safety.

Fortunately we were able to use a handcart brought along by a volunteer to carry our bits and pieces. This came in useful as we unearthed from the overgrown border the remains of a broken gazebo which had been abandoned before the grasscutter had ploughed the bits of metal into the turf.

A dog-poo bin had been emptied over the ground (30 items within).

By 2.15 pm we decided that with two full bags of cans, paper, plastic, the occasional bottle and some suspicious unmentionables we had proved that the exercise was not only useful but rewarding. It should be stressed that this is part of a pilot scheme, not a long term solution.

All six of us went our way home for a cuppa. Job well done, thanks to Toni.

Conclusion & Timing, 1.00 pm to 2.20 pm: Three bags and metal left tidily on site for LBE to collect next week.

All garments and tools handed back to Toni for safekeeping.

No accidents/incidents reported.

T.G.A. November 2014


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