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Litter Picking Act II – 29/11/14

Saturday morning beamed bright but cold. By 10.00 am seven of us, headed by our leader Toni, met at the zebra crossing at 253. After the customary Health and Safety talk and Risk Assessment assurance we donned our yellow vests and set about clearing the northern field first with one member diligently continuing to plant some of the remaining daffodil bulbs. Note: we now have another bag of these (delivered by LBE) to put in as soon as possible, before the frost sets in!!

During the session one of the volunteers found, amongst the vast array of cans, bottles, plastic etc., a quantity of ‘naughty’ underclothing and novelty furry handcuffs! Clearly the park is being used for differing activities!

Quantities of ‘Multi-Fire’ spent fireworks were found in abundance and had started to soften as the cardboard had been rigorously soaked by the rain since November 5th. Uneaten food was also present, curiously not consumed by the local wildlife.

In a prepared clearing a 4-5 feet long cushion was discovered. This was photographed along with the aforementioned garments. We decided against moving this due to possible drug and needle location nearby. Note to Counsellors and Police reading this: do we have a narco officer who patrols our vast curtilage who would have expertise in helping us with this type of find?

By 12.15 pm the Friends had gathered about 50 kgs of assorted litter which was bagged in 4 white sacks ready for Council collection on Monday 1st December.

Here’s to the next litter-pick at Firs Farm Park.

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