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Parent Pack – Spring 2020

Some things to do when visitng Firs Farm over the coming weeks – remember to keep your distance from others.

Things to look out for : Frogs spawn. ducks, coots (they have the white mark on their faces), moor hens (red mark) , canada geese, woodpeckers, goldfinches coal tits. and much much more.  Well it is spring 🙂

Things to do:

  1. The wetlands trail
  2. Woodland trail  and….. why not try the following:
  3. Sky watching in Spring
  4. Mini beasts under logs
  5. Bark Rubbing
  6. FF Pond Dipping recording sheet

Look out for the interpretation boards for more information including some on the birds and trees you can find in Firs Farm, or how to pond dip, what to feed our ducks with etc. .

Huge thanks you to our local Ecologist, Caroline for preparing these for us.

Hot of the press from the Woodland Trust who are fantastic for their resources. Why not try some of the following with the family:

FF 001-ID First Signs of Spring

FF 002-Game -Spring- Match Seeds to Trees

FF 003-Twig Hunt

FF 004-Funghi

FF 005-amphibians-id-sheet

FF 006-Game Tree-mendousFaces

FF 007- Stick Weaving

FF 008-woodland-wonders

FF 009-super-sticks-sheet

FF 010 minibeast-flying-idial


FF 012 – Leaf hunt

FF 013 ID Spring Spots

Take a look in Firs Farm at the notice board by the pond for more pond dipping adventures. Get the children to bring some chalk with the m to draw what they have seen pond the chalk board too. 🙂

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