Friends of Firs Farm
Charity Number 1177069

Preserving and improving Firs Farm for the benefit of present and future generations


Say NO to a Crematorium at Firs Farm – Before it is too LATE!

What can you do to help?  Just 2 things

1 – Email the council

You must  do the following or it will be rejected:

  1. Include your name and full address
  2. Subject line / heading must state:  LOCAL DRAFT PLAN
  3. Email must be sent to: 
  4. Copy in the following to be heard: your MP  Local Councillors
  5. Copy in the

2 – Sign our paper petition  this will be at Firs Farm Wetlands on Saturday or is available at our local pubs and coffee shops eg coffee break, On Broadway,  Kings Head  Queens Head and others

Thank you 🙂

What have done to date ?

10th September 2021  The Friends submitted their response to the Draft Local Plan

9th September 2021 – Friends of Firs Farm made a Presentation at Bush Hill Park Forum 

We were well received at the BHP Forum  and gld to hear that many were writing in or had written in with their objections.

It is a formal process so we at the moment must get as many emails to the council to Say No to a  crematorium anywhere on the for Firs Farm asap. After that the council will look and decide / vote whether it should go into the next iteration of the plan.

We are expecting news on the planning permission for the community hub at Firs Farm which will make a difference. We hope to see some of you in Firs Farm on Saturday 11th Septe 10am – 2pm  (without) the rain of course

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