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Zumba Fitness with Sonia

Get Fit with Sonia

Lack of exercise? Need motivation?

If you want to exercise and don’t want to join a gym. Why not try


I teach beginner and advanced classes.

Come alone, with a family member or friend but do give it a go. You burn lots of calories without it feeling like a heavy duty workout and guaranteed to put a smile on your face!

Class info:

sonia.tonge@gmail .com  Tel: 0795 797 1473

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Is your lack of exercise affecting your health?Are you looking to work out but don’t want the hassle of joining a gym?Are you feeling self conscious about trying a Zumba class and worrying that it will be too hard? My name is SONIA TONGE and I would love like to invite you to try one of my Zumba® classes.Its such a great way of working out and is for everyone to enjoy.You don’t even have to know how to dance just come along,move together with a great bunch of people all there for the same reasons”To work out but have fun at the same time”.Just  follow my lead and move in your own style. There is a choice of Low or high impact classes. There is no right or wrong way to do it,you really are moving at your own pace.Come and give it a go, I guarantee you will be back for more! You will feel AND see the difference.You will also leave the class feeling invigorated! Hope to see you!

Zumba for everyone

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