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London Rivers Week Event

‘BRIEFING FOR HEALTHY WATER BODIES WEBINAR FOR LONDON RIVERS WEEK It was an honour for the Friends to be included in this special webinar event for London Rivers Week today. Here is a link to our presentation at this event   – Click HERE  If you want to help the Friends why not join us today. […]

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Say NO to a Crematorium at Firs Farm – Before it is too LATE!

What can you do to help?  Just 2 things 1 – Email the council You must  do the following or it will be rejected: Include your name and full address Subject line / heading must state:  LOCAL DRAFT PLAN Email must be sent to:  Copy in the following to be heard: your MP  Local Councillors […]

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What Can We Do at Firs Farm?

What can i do in FF    

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Tennis update May 2020

Message from the new management team of the Tennis Courts which although brought to Firs Farm by the Friends of Firs Farm are now managed by the brothers Josh & Ben from Primal Health Tennis Academy Two updates for Firs Farm Tennis. – May 2020 Firstly, we are open! The booking module is open once again […]

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Every Tree Counts: The Big Climate Fightback

Looking to take action on climate change in your community? Tree planting is a great way to get started, harnessing nature whilst getting connected to your community spaces! Not just nice to look at. These wooden wonders literally eat carbon out of the air – and that’s why we love them! We have been fortunate to […]

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Newsletter-Jan 2019

Newsletter jan 2019-FINAL    

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